A wide range of special events takes place simultaneously within the festival. Over 70 conferences; performances; exhibitions; screenings of animation (motion graphics, microfilms, title sequences); interactive installations; collectives and artists market fair; social / networking chill-out areas; inspiring parties; and much more.

The festival is divided into seven major sections: Roots, Openroom, Workshops, Showplace, Mercadillo, Cinexin & Chillax.

ROOTS – OFFF’s heart

Roots is OFFF’s heart. The pillar the festival is supported on. Its centre of gravity. Roots is the stage where the main artists of our time go to share their ideas, projects and experiences with the audience. Artists in the most contemporary sense of the word –designers, inventors, moviemakers, illustrators, developers-, capable of turning a conference into a creative event as inspired as inspiring.

From 2011, Roots is more. And better.

OPENROOM – The rising talents scene

OFFF feeds the future. Not only from its aesthetic position. OFFF creates future. It does it in Openroom, a completely devoted stage for emerging talent where new artists are given the chance to make a name for themselves in front of their natural audience. With an identical format to Roots, one hour long conferences, Openroom outlines a possible future: belonging to those creators who fill its programme year after year.

Thanks to Openroom, OFFF speaks out as an enterprising event, constantly looking for new sensations, committed to its time and capable of creating feasible realities from its role as a beacon of contemporary creation.

WORKSHOPS – The interactive learning

The workshops area provide a valuable way of engaging attendees in a process of interactive learning.

SHOWPLACE – The exhibition area

Showplace is OFFF’s exposition area. A space where you can enjoy interactive installations, generative art pieces, immersive environments of sound, video and graphic work. Showplace is a place where ideas form, where some of the projects presented by the artists participating in Roots and Openroom can be enjoyed to all extents. A design which goes beyond exhibition, to immerse in a pure physical, aesthetic and perceptive experience.

Showplace is the place where the state of the art is gauged.

CINEXIN – The screening room

Cinexín is the area where, for three days, a complete programme of audiovisual work specifically selected by OFFF’s art directors is projected. A cosy place where you can enjoy some of the best productions of the season and even contrast opinions with the rest of the attendees. An essential complement to the rest of the OFFF programme, essential to be able to find all the good going on in the map of contemporary creation in electronic media.

MERCADILLO – The place to discover and to be discovered

Mercadillo is the place to exchange products, projects and ideas. A space where, specifically organized by OFFF, a selection of artists, entrepreneurs, inventors, hardware and software developers, among others, have the opportunity to present their work through a rotating showcases program: 15 minutes to Feed the Future. They also have the opportunity of selling it at a stand during the whole festival, and also a designated area for private meetings, chats and business, strategically located near the bar.

The Mercadillo is meant to be a reflection of an emerging network of new business talents who work outside the mainstream: circuit bending snipers, robotics or interface designs; independent cells of creative activity; economy 2.0 guerrillas.

A place to discover and to be discovered.

SPEAKER’S CORNER – The meeting platform

Speaker’s Corner is the place where to meet and get to know people. A multipurpose space, something between a bar and the mercadillo, made for socializing. In Speaker’s Corner, you can have a beer with your friends, say hello to your favourite artist or, if you’re brave enough, present your own conference at OFFF 2012.

As Speaker’s Corner offers everyone a mini-stage where anybody can go on and present their work, show their inventions, play an instrument or to put forward their theories, as crazy as they might be, for 15 minutes. They’re the 15 minutes to Feed The Future, a bold format that opens in OFFF 2011 for the artist in you.

Do you dare?