OFFF is an entity in continuous transformation, alive and evolutionary. More than a decade ago, it was born as a post-digital culture festival; a meeting place to host contemporary creation through an in depth programme of conferences, workshops and performances by the most relevant artists of our time.

These days, OFFF keeps being a reference event throughout the world. A festival hosted in Barcelona, New York, Lisbon and Paris which has featured renowned artists such as Joshua Davis, Stefan Sagmeister, John Maeda, Neville Brody, Kyle Cooper, The Mill, Digital Kitchen, Ben Fry & Casey Reas, Golan Levin, Chris Milk, Rob Chiu, Julien Vallée, Paula Scher, Rick Poynor, Erik Spiekermann, Dvein, Erik Natzke, Vincent Moon, Ze Frank, Alex Trochut, among others…The festival where a new generation of artists has originated and developed. All of them started attending OFFF as spectators. Today, they take up its main stage.

The OFFF phenomenon has also produced the creation of an extensive international network of artists, developers, theorists and even more importantly, people who love art in all its multiple expressions: students, fans, professionals and the curious. People who want to show what they do, to discover what others do and, above all to share their knowledge and their desires to inspire and to be inspired.

Additionally, the OFFF network includes a teaching centre, OFFF Atelier, a continuous presence in the web 2.0 and a permanent group of artists, organizers and producers ready to host OFFF events wherever they are in demand.

More than a decade ago, OFFF was born as a festival. Today, OFFF is a way of understanding art. A way of life. Evolving and transforming.

Joshua “OFFF Grande Papi” Davis

OFFF embodies everything that you would want in a cultural event. It has films and filmmakers, art and artists, design and designers, music and musicians, etc. A yearly happening that’s a rave, a lounge, a marketplace, a gallery, a classroom, a place to network, and 100% inspiration. Simply put, there’s nothing quite like OFFF. I should know… this will be my 10th year going.

In a time when the cost of attending conferences was reserved for working professionals. OFFF since day one would do something so simple, make the tickets to attend OFFF… affordable. What that did, was allowed those who really needed to be a part of something culturally significant an opportunity to attend. The student. As a working professional, there is nothing more inspiring than interacting with the next wave of filmmakers, musicians, artists and designers who will continue to progress our medium. Time and time again I’ve attended conferences with too high a price tag, attended by the same group of people treading stagnant water.

Not OFFF, OFFF has always nurtured a cultural of “Aim High, Keep Moving!” and this hunger for inspiration… this thirst for knowledge…. should be accessible to everyone.

Erik Natzke

Even from the early days of OFFF, the bar was set pretty high. From an always impressive line up of speakers to the carefully nurtured vibe that continues to attract great audiences. It is no easy task, but year after year the organizer seem to find new ways to always raise that bar a little higher each year. Never afraid to evolve and always striving to create an experience that inevitably has you longing to see what will happen the next year.

I must have loved it, because we have eagerly returned, at last count, 5 times now and have witnessed OFFF blossom into a uniquely special event. One that the organizers should take profound pride in having cultivated.

Michael Paul Young

OFFF is by far my favorite design festival of the past decade. It has been my great pleasure to have not only attended, but also to have spoken, presented and exhibited my work at OFFF a number of times since its inception in 2001. The primary element that sets OFFF apart from other festivals is that they never have built their events around a specific corporate sponsor or software product. This careful, organic curation has over the years allowed OFFF to contain some of the most original content ever arranged for a design festival.

For design and interactive art, OFFF is hands down the coolest festival in the world today. It is wonderful to see such a deserving group of dedicated people reach their tenth year together, and I look forward to ten more!

Joost Korngold aka Renascent

OFFF for me has become so much more than just a design conference, it’s a place once a year where I can feel completely at home. OFFF is family.

Craig Swann

My first OFFF literally changed my life forever. Having been a part of digital and interactive conferences for 10 years I knew that OFFF was different the moment I stepped inside. It embraced me. It felt like home. The spirit of the conference is unrivaled. It’s about art not money, inspiration not skills. You go to OFFF to bask in the brilliant glow of human energy, to connect, to share, to be inspired.

OFFF is more than a conference, event or festival – it is a Digital Family. A family of eccentric, unique and creative designers, developers, musicians and artists from all walks of life. OFFF is the annual family gathering where everyone comes together to share their stories, their accomplishments, ideas and discoveries with friends, new and old, from around the world. At OFFF you are not an attendee, but an active participant. The gathering is just as much about what happens outside the festival as it is about what happens inside. With such an eclectic group of thinkers and doers you can’t help but meet and connect with other like minded digital explorers.

OFFF and the people that make it happen will always hold a special place in my heart and I wish many more years for it – if only so I can continue to plug myself into it’s energy. Long live OFFF.

Hillman Curtis

I spoke in Barcelona and was taken by the unique energy at the conference. For one, it wasn’t set up like a conference. The stage was downstairs in a big hall. There were chairs but many of the audience sat on the floor and I liked the informal feeling.

After my talk I explored the rest of the conference and was charmed by the vendors who had set up in the courtyard. It wasn’t your typical conference fare. There were DJs spinning, booksellers selling exactly the type of books I wanted to buy (Books on art and movements – not on software), T-shirts and recycled messenger bags. This was different than the other conferences I spoke at, where almost everything was associated with a major – usually software based – brand. I remember having a beer with James and Laura Victore in an adjoining courtyard and later heading out to dinner with Hector, who true to Josh’s description is a very cool, very warm and welcoming person… easily one of the more personable conference organizers I’ve ever met.

My experience with OFFF remains clear and memorable. It’s a good memory and I’m grateful to have it. As they say on birthdays and anniversaries May there be Many More!

Cyn Márquez

To me, OFFF has more than one meaning: it’s a dream come true, a great party, and mostly, it is an act of love from Héctor Ayuso to the world.

I’ve always dreamed with something like OFFF: a place where I could meet all these creative and powerful minds, a place where I could see my favourite musicians live and at the same time, one of my gurus speaking on the other room.

OFFF is a place to dream, to get inspired, to celebrate what we are and what we do (even our failures and mistakes), a place to fall in love again with my proffession!

Paula Scher

The OFFF Festival is the most exciting view of graphic design in the future.

Neville Brody

10 years! Wow, what an amazing triumph. Who would have known back then that this initially Barcelona-based event would reach such giddy heights of apparent success? For me, OFFF represents that rare occasion, one when a small local gathering with an advanced vision and a public responsibility and consciousness becomes an critical and important vital global magnet for like-minded adventurers.

OFFF was originally viewed as a more-or-less flash-based coding conference that tapped into the exciting stuff coming out of experimental programming, but it quickly enlarged its remit to incorporate other relevant fields of groundbreaking visual explorations and explorers.

I am impressed by the continuity of belief that maintains the pricing at a radically affordable level – I still don’t know how they manage this magical feat! I hope to be inspired again, and to leave this edition with my head filled with ideas in the way that only OFFF can do. Here’s to the next ten years of vital intervention and mind-opening thoughts.

Kyle Cooper

C.S. Lewis once described his creative process as “the intense overwhelming desire for an indefinable luminous something that was just beyond his grasp.”

The OFFF conferences are an excellent reminder of what can be accomplished when these diverse and intelligent minds are brought together and communities flare up. It is a wide shot of why we as designers need to keep in mind the benefit of collaboration. Because however good your own ideas are, there is always someone else who can help you make them better, someone else who can help you realize them in a way you had not yet considered, and someone else who can help you understand them from a wholly different perspective.

Speaking at OFFF has been a great experience. And Hector has done a great job of bringing us all together. It is a forum that allows work to be viewed, discussed, analyzed, dissected and rebuilt. We are shown individual works, then given the chance to see how they come together to create the landscape of today’s design world. OFFF gives us all the opportunity to be overwhelmed, to be inspired, and to be bested by the consummate group of individuals that gather each year from around the world. That, in turn, gives us the desire to get back to work — to do more — and to do it better.

I often leave OFFF thinking, So what do I do right now? And the answer always seems to be, Go make something.