Guardian Interactive at OFFF Barcelona 2012

We are very proud to announce that the entire team of Guardian Interactive will be speaking at OFFF Barcelona 2012!!!

At the heart of the Guardian’s Digital First agenda is a desire to create new and compelling ways to engage readers online. The Guardian Interactive team is a small group of specialist designers, developers and journalists, formed with this goal in mind.

Its work blends data visualisation, rich, two-way interaction and trusted narrative techniques to produce new ways of engaging with readers.

‘How rumours spread on Twitter during the riots’, a recent project, tried to make sense of how misinformation spreads on social networks by applying algorithmic analysis to large data sets, then visualising the results with a custom graphics engine.

Other projects have experimented with 3D frameworks, reader modelling, processing of vast amounts of reader data, and responsive design.

The members of the Guardian Interactive team include Robin Beitra, Alastair Dant, Alex Graul, Nicola Hughes, Jonathan Richards, Mariana Santos, and Martin Shuttleworth.