OFFF Barcelona 2011 theme “Year Zero”

Year Zero. Year Alpha. Time to turn our back on the past. To just look forward. Upwards. Fearless of being blinded by the sun. It’s time to set up new rules, to invent new games. To forget about the “re-” and the “post-”. To become kids again and discover the world. Another one. It’s time to be revolutionary. There is no longer a present to determine us, because the present is us. We are the future. And the future will be just like we want it to be.

2011 is Offf’s Year Zero. The year the festival will voluntarily forget its past and once again reinvent itself. In a new place. With new areas. With fresh ideas and the spirit of those who start something. Something big. Different. Better.

From OFFF we stand up to the passage of time. We reject it.  We have decided not to age.
Our route page is blank. Our map, waiting to be drawn. Nothing ties us. Nothing is forbidden. Nothing is done. There is no limit. Year Zero. Tabula rasa. Look, the dawn is breaking. It’s a new day rising.

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  5. [...] criado pela Soon In Tokio para o projeto Year Zero, que visa redescobrir o mundo e reinventar o passado. Vale a pena [...]